Eric Marcus on Facebook

Here it is.

Eric Marcus’ Facebook Page

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Racine Crime Map

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The Bottom 10 Stories of ‘010

Vote for up to 5 stories and/or add your own at the bottom!

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I know the fat lady won’t sing until April, but I can’t wait.

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RUSD word of the month

Prof. Gloria Ladson-Billings, a UW-Madison professor, says that RUSD’s teachers should start being more culturally relevant in the classroom.

In an attempt to help our teachers get in touch with our communities, I will be assisting them with an occasional vocabulary word on here.

This month’s word is:

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UPDATE: He decided to go out with no class

Update:  Doyle suspended the train project for the time being.  If he plays a part in cancelling it altogether, I’ll take this post down.

Department of Transportation Secretary Frank Busalacchi said the suspension would last while the agency studies “the real world consequences, including the immediate impacts to people and their livelihoods, if this project were to be stopped.”

If you ask me… “the real world consequences” should have been studied (and understood) before their little secret weekend pow-wow to get this thing rammed through before the election was wrapped up.

Clearly, the voters have spoken.  Will Doyle listen?

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