We have a TURDament loser!!!

The TURDament is over and your votes placed Illegal Aliens as the very bottom of the TURD list!

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3 Responses to We have a TURDament loser!!!

  1. Pizzaman says:

    yty, that was great, what’s up you sleave now?

  2. ytykbydkaa says:

    Nothing at the moment. It’s too hot to be wearing sleeves!

  3. racineuncovered says:

    That was hysterical. I have a request YTY. There is a call on my site involving 2 females, bikinis and being covered in whip cream walking down 3 mile. The most “horrible” criminals I have ever heard. Could you come up with something for that. I’m still sitting laughing about this call. And someone went to jail! ROFL

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