This ten or that ten?

I’m not necessarily talking about THE 10 commandments, but they’d be a good start.  I’d rather have something a little more written in stone than “the plan” currently is.

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3 Responses to This ten or that ten?

  1. racineuncovered says:

    Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!! That was outstanding, thanks for the smile, my blood pressure is beyond boiling right now at that lame ass excuse we have a for Mayor (hey remember when I am mayor, you are my PR person!!!)

  2. ytykbydkaa says:

    I’ll start getting my resume together!

  3. enicar333 says:

    I would recommend you go to You Tube and search Professor Al Bartlett. It is an eye-opening experience, his videos on growth and human population. Of course, as a developer all Mayor Dickert can see is growth, he has no idea of the ramifications he is proposing. The Empire is in decline and this will all end badly.

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