If they only had a brain

edited on 9/3/10 – The word “employee” has been replaced by “fat cat”.

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2 Responses to If they only had a brain

  1. antiwesley says:

    Now this one is not entirely accurate.
    Central Office isn’t just Shaw and his cronies up in the front part.
    It contains an area that covers at least 4 buildings, and I have a good friend who DOES NOT think like that. My father, rest his soul, also worked in Central Office, in the back building in Maintenance. He also did not think that way. He worked tirelessly to stop people like Shaw from within the system, and when he realised that it wasn’t doing any good, he took his early retirement and left the crap behind him.

  2. ytykbydkaa says:

    anti – You are giving me (and this site) way too much credit. I doubt that half the stuff on here is accurate.

    I see that my biased opinon of a couple dozen ‘fat cats’ in the central office overshadows all of the hard working employees under them.

    When I get a chance, I’ll go back and switch the word “employee” with “fat cat” out of respect for the other employees.

    Thanks for calling me out on that one.


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