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Ytykbydkaa’s Rules for Trick or Treating in Racine:

1.  Stay within walking distance of your own damn neighborhood.  Don’t roll up on other people’s streets in your rusted out deathtrap and unload a dozen kids.  I don’t roll up in your hood and ask for my tax dollars back, do I?

2.  Your baby in the stroller is cute, but babies don’t eat candy.  They could easily choke and die.  If you ask for candy for your baby, I’ll call you out on being a crappy parent in front of all your other kids.  I will NOT hesitate with this.

3a.  If you are old enough to drive, you don’t get any candy.

3b. If you are a grown woman, going door to door with your own pillowcase full of candy… you really should be doing other things with your life than running around Trick or Treating.

4.  The “sick” brother or sister “in the car” doesn’t get any candy.  If they are healthy enough to get schlepped around “in the car”, they are healthy enough to “walk their butt up to my door and get their own candy”.

5.  No Costume = No Candy.  Being dressed up as “myself” or a “hobo” don’t count… unless you look like a really awesome hobo.

6.  The most important rule:  Say “Thank You” before you leave.

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RUSD Word of the Month

Prof. Gloria Ladson-Billings, a UW-Madison professor, says that RUSD’s teachers should start being more culturally relevant in the classroom.

In an attempt to help our teachers get in touch with our communities, I will be assisting them with an occasional vocabulary word on here.

This month’s word is:

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What Dickert needs for Christmas

Honestly.  You can’t have a multimillion dollar spending hike with falling home values, failing businesses and double digit unemployment.  Our mayor is about to run this town further into the ground… if that’s possible.

My point is, even though SimCity is just a game, if you start hitting people over the head with taxes for services that aren’t doing them any good… they start leaving your town.  The same goes for businesses.  The same goes for REAL LIFE.

I’d be out of here if I had the slightest confidence that I could sell my house… but who in their right mind would want to move here?

The responsible people of this town need to take it back next April.

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This is waaaaaay overdue

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Sorry for the complete lack of updates.  Spare time at lunch these days is rare, which is great for me, but bad for the site.  More stuff will be on the way, just not everyday like it had been.

Thanks for continuing to tune in!

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The only song on our mayor’s playlist during his recent trip

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